The Life’s Worth Living Service Coalition

Perhaps the most impactful contributions that are made to our mission to raising awareness, educate and preventing suicide comes from our volunteer Coalition members. While each of these amazing people have their own reasons for getting involved, all of them want to make a difference in the lives of others who are facing these unique challenges. Many know someone who’s life has been affected. Some have been that person themselves. They see their participation in the Service Coalition as an exchange rather than something they do of others less fortunate. This is because they understand that while today you may have ability to help, sooner or later we are all recipients of someone else’s volunteer effort.

Many reasons to get involved

According to Psychology Today, there are many powerful reasons to get involved as a volunteer. Statistically, volunteers life longer, healthier lives. The work we do establishes strong relationships and reinforced values. The benefits to society and others in the community are obvious. Perhaps the most compelling benefit to participating in our Service Coalition is the sense of purpose that comes from doing work that truly makes a difference.

Join us today

Weather you feel the urge to give to something important or you are in need of support yourself, if this resonates with you, consider joining us. Its easy. Simply tell us a little about yourself, your talents and your availability in the form to the right. Our board will review your information and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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